Workshop on Topology and Topological Groups

This workshop will focus on recent developments in the area of topological groups, due to the presence of new connections between measure theory, combinatorics and homology in the theory of topological groups. Please click here for more information.

African Regional Workshop of the Gender Gap in Science Project

From 1-2 December 2017 the regional workshop in Africa for the project ‘A Global Approach to the Gender Gap in Mathematical and Natural Sciences: How to Measure It, How to Reduce It?’ was hosted at AIMS South Africa. Gender equality and inclusion is of vital importance to the work of AIMS, where 30% of all

Workshop on Machine Learning for Ecology

This 3-day workshop, to be held from 20-22 November 2017 at AIMS South Africa, aims to give a practical introduction to the use of machine learning methods for classification problems in ecology. It is aimed at ecologists doing some form of classification – either manually or model-based – in their own research work, especially those

AIMS Women in STEM mentoring event

On 18 November 2017, AIMSWIS South Africa held a mentoring event, which was a follow-up to the “Meet and Greet” event held on 9 October. The event was organized by Dr Rejoyce Gavhi-Molefe, Ms Mirette Fawzy, Ms Julia Borchardt, Ms Zoe Hamel, Ms Assumpta Nnakenyi, Ms Innocenter Amima and Ms Bathata Masego for the current

Africa Code Week

Africa Code Week was held across Africa from 18-25 October 2017 with the goal of enabling 500 000 young Africans across 35 African countries to learn coding basics. AIMS South Africa was one of the host institutions in South Africa and hosted five interactive coding sessions with learners from local schools. The workshop was a

SETI Skills Development Workshop

The SETI skills development workshop will be hosted at AIMS from 3 to 7 July 2017 and will introduce participants to the challenges affecting all new astronomy projects, such as incredible challenges in weak signal detection, data and image processing, as well as big data online processing. As more and more extra-solar planets are discovered,

Data Science Workshop

May 29, 2017  A Data Science Workshop organised by Dr Bubacarr Bah, the German Research Chair of Mathematics with specialisation in Data Science, in association with the German Federal Ministry of Education and the Humboldt Foundation, was hosted at AIMS South Africa from 22 to 27 May 2017. The workshop introduced participants to some theory and methods, computational

International Women’s Day events

AIMS South Africa hosted a variety of events from 6-11 March 2017 to celebrate International Women’s Day as part of the AIMS Women in Stem initiative. Events included outreach to secondary schools where learners were given the opportunity to listen to female role models who encouraged them to follow careers in STEM fields. Schools visited

Summer School in Mathematical Finance

The 11th annual Summer School in Mathematical Finance will bring to South Africa several leading academic exponents of the fast-growing field of Mathematical Finance, and presents a week-long opportunity to local practitioners, academics and students to interact with international leaders in Mathematical Finance on topics and modelling techniques current in the South African and international financial markets. Dates: 21 –

The 2nd International Day for Women & Girls in Science

AIMS recognises that women’s and girl’s involvement in mathematical sciences is a critical factor that will contribute to shaping Africa’s growth and development. It is important to attract and retain more women in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce, as this will maximize innovation, creativity, and competitiveness. Scientists and en-gineers are working to